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Ichabod Crane moves to the small town of Sleepy Hollow for veterinary college, but soon finds himself drawn into the town's dark park by its mysterious inhabitants.

This 1 hour horror TV pilot explores a darker, scarier, and modern take on the classic Legend of Sleepy Hollow tale.

I'm a big Halloween fan and grew up loving this classic tale. There have been many versions of this story over the years, but I wanted to create a modern version that focused more on how the town's inhabitants continue to live with the horrors of Sleepy Hollow - why do they stay in that town and what are their coping mechanisms for what they continue to witness?

The result is something that I think is a grittier, true horror piece that will leave viewers on the edge of their seat in each episode, while attaching them to real life horrors that exist in our every day world.

QUARTER FINALIST - 2020 Screencraft True Story & Public Domain Competition

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65 pages

1 Hour TV Pilot

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