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Writer | Director | Producer



Jason is a filmmaker committed to exploring the human condition through diverse storytelling, most-often within the supernatural medium. His many years in leadership both in the corporate world and as a business owner helps shape his perspective on character development, diverse story-telling and to draw parallels between real world experiences and the fantastic.


Jason's first project, ABDUCTION - a sci-fi pilot, screened at local festivals in Atlanta, Philadelphia and Indiana in 2020. His second project, IN MEMORIAM, was screened and won BEST INSPIRATIONAL SHORT at LA LIVE FILM FESTIVAL in Los Angeles and won BEST SOUND DESIGN at the CARE Awards in West Virginia in 2021. He is currently in post-production on the short film, THE WAY OUT and is developing his first feature.


Jason grew up in Southern California and now resides in Richmond, VA with his husband Steve and their two dogs, Turkey and Bacon. 

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