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Rained Out!

What started out as a great shooting weekend for In Memoriam on Friday, turned out to be a disaster the next day.

Friday's shoot went smooth with Desiree Dabney - we stuck to the schedule, worked through a bump in the road with voice over and I ended the day with a positive outlook on Saturday's shoot. All seemed to be in order and the world was a happy place.

Then, the weather report...

Conflicting reports through and : "weather" said storms were coming. "accuweather" said that we'd have on and off again weather that might be manageable. I waited to see if the two would somehow magically merge...they didn't.

Soooo I made the call to give it a go and that proved to be a fatal error! The storm proved to be an admirable foe and within an hour, I was forced to cancel the shoot.

Lesson learned? Err on side of caution when shooting outdoors and if the weather is not cooperating, save yourself costs (and your crew, and your talent...) and move to another day, if possible.

We'll be reshooting this Saturday - hopefully the weather will be nicer. :)

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