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Practice Makes Perfect...

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Part of improvement in any line of work is practice and learning... and making mistakes, then learning from them and so on!

Today was drone practice at Dogwood Dell Amphitheater and Pumphouse Park here in Richmond, VA.

While I'm mostly happy with how the shots turned out at Dogwood Dell, I was less than impressed with Pumphouse Park and will probably head back over there for a redo at some point. There were a ton of trees and I think the building would have been better served by shooting at eye-level, then going to the opposite side of the building for the airborne shots.

  • I went with a warmer grade at Dogwood, because I liked how it brought out the brick on the building and how it plays against the dead grass and the bark on the leafless trees.

  • For Pumphouse, I went with a cooler grade and softer focus until you get to the end shot of the river.

  • Basic titles for this one, since it is just practice (honestly, I really like the simplicity of these with the footage - 3D text would have been too much).

Flying a drone is both fun and stressful! I am a fully insured, Part 107 FAA Remote Pilot and and a bit of a safety nut. So, when I'm flying, there's generally a lot more going on in my head than just getting the perfect shot.

To anyone considering getting their license - please do it. The more of us that follow the rules, the safer the flights!

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