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In Memoriam Update & Upcoming Projects

We're still making the festival rounds and have notifications expected through July of this year! After the initial push and a couple of wins, all has been quiet in notification-land, but we are continuing the trek forward and I could not be more thrilled with the wins, so far!

I've been doing a lot of writing and re-writing, which caused me to push my additional shorts to this year from the end of last, but I'm working to get going on filming these as soon as I can.

  • Cinder, originally slated as a short, has now turned into a one hour pilot and I'm currently getting feedback through reads and working to improve it with each re-write. *FUN FACT: Scripts don't typically come out perfect on the first go, they generally go through MANY rewrites before they go into production. Unfortunately for those of us creating them, it takes a great deal of patience to bring these stories to life.*

  • Nightfall is now "What Else is Left?" and I'm working on finalizing that, in order to begin filming.

  • In addition to that, I have another short which is a bit of a departure from the horror space, but eager to get that one going, as well. It has yet to be named.

One of my many goals this year is to be more social, so send good thoughts my way that I don't overthink social media and have more fun with it!

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