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In Memoriam Completed

...and, done. In Memoriam is officially complete and it felt good to hit "Completed" on IMDb yesterday!

In Memoriam was created out of the need to understand more about the street memorials we all see on road sides, urban street corners, highways and bridges/over passes. We know that a life was lost there, but in the rush of our daily lives we don't always get to know the story behind the life.

When I first started outlining the idea for this short, it was simply to get the audience to understand that there was a life attached to each one of the memorials. After reworking the script (several times!), what I hope the audience takes away is more than just a ghost story.

I can't wait to begin sharing the film! Next to see it, will be the cast and crew. After that, it's off to film festivals to be judged.

Really, for me, the best part of this process is everything I learn from each film and the excitement that goes into the planning for the next one.

Stay tuned...

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