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Back to Writing - Structuring Two Additional Shorts

I'm in the midst of promoting In Memoriam, but also starting to dive back in to the writing process on two additional shorts I'm aiming to film this year: Nightfall (Working Title) and Cinder.

Both of these shorts have been outlined for some time, so it really comes down to fine-tuning and working out the details for each of the scripts.

When I started planning these shorts, I wanted to focus on three different ways to tell a story:

  1. Through Expression, with minimal dialogue.

  2. Dialogue-heavy, with minimal expression.

  3. Topic-forward, using a theme that would leave the audience feeling uncomfortable at the end of the story.

In Memoriam was centered around using expression to tell the story with minimal dialogue. When I built the characters, I wanted each of them to articulate their portion of the story through sadness.

Nightfall (working title) will be told with heavy dialogue. Each of the characters will have a unique and different arc that will rely heavily on their ability to share their experiences verbally with each other (and the audience).

Cinder is an uncomfortable theme for me to write. I looked to the past for inspiration and came up with a modern-day "What Would You Do?" situation that I hope will be as unsettling for audiences watching, as it is for me to write.

Hopefully this gives a little peek into my process of writing and how I come up with the ideas for my films. :)

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