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Series Script - 1 Hour Horror

Ichabod Crane moves to the small town of Sleepy Hollow for veterinary college, but finds himself pulled into the dark history of the town and its mysterious inhabitants.

Currently submitting to 2020 / 2021 Screenplay Competitions and Festivals

Awards and Recognition to Date:

Quarterfinalist - ScreenCraft True Story & Public Domain Competition (2020)

Coverfly REDLIST - Top Rated Horror, Television 1 Hour (06/2020)

What They're Saying:

05/07/2020 -

  • "...the real world coping mechanisms the town's inhabitants might have to combat the horrifying scenes they witness on a daily basis is definitely an interesting take that opens up huge possibilities for this world."

  • "...does a great job of tying up the different methods of coping as showcased throughout the script in the final voice over montage. I really liked this..."

  • " excitingly well-crafted script that demonstrates a strong grasp of screenwriting convention and the horror genre, playing nicely with audience expectation and our pre-existing knowledge of Sleepy Hollow."

- Coverfly Reader

06/26/2020 -

  • "The carriage made terrifying not through its scares alone but also through the nonchalant reactions of Ichabod's tour guides - which makes their later fear even more impactful."

  • "Ichabod strikes a careful balance between disbelief and fear throughout that process, reacting with a realism that helps ground the script in his experience of the town."

  • "The horror elements of the script are effectively spooky and unsettling..."

- The Blacklist Reader

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